Sustainable Marine Connects the Grid with Floating Tidal Power in Nova Scotia

Sustainable Marine has effectively harnessed the massive tidal currents in Canada’s Bay of Fundy, supplying the inaugural floating in-stream tidal electricity to the grid in Nova Scotia. According to Jason Hayman, Sustainable Marine CEO the achievement is noteworthy for both the company and Canada’s larger marine energy goals.

It highlights how the Bay of Fundy’s vast tidal energy potential – that comprises upwards of 4 times the amount flow of all the freshwater rivers which are on the earth – may be appropriately harnessed to provide Canada with close to 2500MW of clean, reliable energy.

Through demonstration berths and permits at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE), Nova Scotia has set aside approximately 30MW of capacity for developers to demonstrate the cost, effectiveness, and environmental consequences of this new form of energy generation.

These demonstration projects provide developers with a path to cut costs on the route to commercial projects, thanks to a regulatory framework that allows them to provide up close to 300MW of the generation capacity. It also aligns with the area’s net-zero goals of phasing out coal-fired electricity by 2030.

Sustainable Marine has steadily acquired the capabilities and resources needed to accomplish turnkey projects, like the Tidal Pioneer, which is a multipurpose construction vessel, as well as a suite of the next-generation remotely managed underwater installation equipment that supports our revolutionary Swift Anchors technology.

“It can be difficult to accomplish these one-of-a-kind projects in high-energy conditions, but we’ve chosen a staged as well as step-by-step strategy to mitigate technical risks and demonstrate our technology’s ultra-low environmental effect. We’ll keep an eye out for any encounters with marine species, and we’ll gradually ramp up power generation, given the existing need to work during daylight hours.”

“The work of Sustainable Marine in Canada perfectly encapsulates our broader company objective to assist island and coastal communities attain energy independence and combat climate change by gathering renewable power from the waters around them.” “Regions like Nova Scotia have significant opportunities to harness their natural endowments and construct a viable marine energy network to create energy resilience and expedite net-zero progress.”

“Sustainable Marine Energy accomplished a milestone in the history of tidal energy in Canada, transferring power from a floating platform based in Grand Passage to Nova Scotia’s electricity grid,” said Premier Tim Houston.

This and other projects are establishing Nova Scotia as a global leader in the tidal energy sector, resulting in a cleaner environment, green technologies, green jobs, and a predictable, renewable supply of electricity for Nova Scotians.”

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