A £25 million zero-carbon project in Liverpool is nearing completion

A 2030 Net Zero Liverpool Action Plan lays out the steps Liverpool needs to do to achieve a net-zero city by 2030. It’s a difficult goal, but one with numerous advantages. Liverpool in 2030 will be a thriving, ethical, and sustainable city. Climate action will have boosted the local green economy as well as positioned Liverpool at the heart of modern industries that will constitute the backbone of our economy in the future.

The city will also have ceased all inputs to climate change and will have shown leadership to the other cities in the United Kingdom and around the world. The city would also be more robust to the current climate change. Renewables expert Statkraft is developing the idea, which would see a ‘Greener Grid Park’ created off Lister Drive in Tuebrook.

It is among initiatives across the country aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels in the UK’s energy supply and increasing the quantity of renewable energy supplied through the grid. The site has been under a building since 2021, and developers NRS Group have finally completed all main construction work, with the last concrete being placed at the beginning of April.

This comes after ABB recently installed two synchronous condensers. The installation of enabling components and auxiliary systems required to bring electricity to a site is now in the final stages of development, with work expected to last through late summer.

The station will be given over to Statkraft after a period of testing, with ABB’s UK office in Warrington providing operations as well as long-term maintenance services. ABB was also in charge of the park’s specialized equipment delivery and installation. The site is scheduled to open in Autumn 2022.

“Statkraft has invested over £1.4 billion in the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure since the year 2006, and we’re happy to be a part of a project that will improve the dependability of Liverpool’s power supply,” said Guy Nicholson, Statkraft UK’s Head of Grid Integration. “The Lister Drive Greener Grid Park is not going to only expand the city’s green energy options, but will also benefit the local economy by providing jobs and suppliers.”

Liverpool City Council granted planning approval for the Lister Drive Greener Grid Park in 2020 after National Grid ESO, the UK energy grid operator, recognized a need for extra stability solutions to the Liverpool grid.

The location will resemble the whirling turbines of an old power plant, delivering the high inertia required by grid operators to maintain system stability. A 67 megavolt amps reactive synchronous condenser, paired with a 50-tonne flywheel, offers the inertia required to keep the network voltage and frequency steady while power from renewable sources such as wind and solar is delivered into the system.

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