New Xos Electric Semi and Delivery Trucks

Xos Trucks unveiled two new electric trucks aimed at replacing internal combustion engines in anything from delivery trucks to long-haul trucks. The new models are part of a drive to convert more delivery services and truck fleets to electric vehicles, particularly in Southern California’s overburdened ports.

Xos displayed its MDXT medium-duty delivery vehicles in classes 6 and 7, as well as its Class 8 HDXT semi-truck. According to the business, both have a range of between 230 and 270 miles on a single charge and are fully electric, making them more capable and better carriers than their gasoline or even diesel-powered counterparts in a number of respects.

The Atwater Village-based organization, that began operations in 2016, has so far made strides with its SV05 Stepvan, which was unveiled 4 years ago and has since been adopted by companies like Amazon and FedEx — both of which got representation from attendees at the San Pedro “Fleet Week” event, which featured the Los Angeles Port as a backdrop. It occurs as the Long Beach port and Los Angeles port struggle under the weight of a backlog of products stacked at the country’s two busiest ports — and as the state seeks to find out how to enhance air quality considerably.

The vehicles represented the conclusion of the first round of the company’s aim of manufacturing ecologically friendly automobiles for fleets and enterprises trying to be more sustainable, according to CEO Dakota Semler. “The next phase is to assist fleets in implementing zero-emission vehicles throughout their entire operations,” he said. “We’ve already begun to lay the groundwork for the future we want.”

The trucks traveling to and from the country’s ports will almost certainly be Xos’ HDXT models. On a full charge, the cars can go about 230 kilometers. With more than 36,000 foot-pounds of torque, Xos claims they have the greatest torque of any Class 8 semi-truck on the market.

Allison Transmission, based in Indiana, designed the eGen dual electric motor powertrain, which drives the truck’s rear axle and frees up a lot of room under the hood that a massive diesel engine would normally take up. The motors provide 798 horsepower in total.

The MDXT is a Class 6 or 7 automobiles that Xos will provide as a box truck, refrigerated truck, or flatbed vehicle for local or mid-distance operation. It also has a class-leading 16,000 foot-pounds of torque, and also a range of up to 270 miles, and towing capabilities.

Truck drivers will recognize the interiors of both vehicles. However, there’s a large touchscreen that is found in the dashboard’s center that’s equally important to Xos’ fleet goals and serves as an introduction to the company’s next phase, according to Semler.

The company also announced the Xosphere linked car platform for fleet management at Tuesday’s (May 10) event. According to Xos, its unique software on the MDXT and HDXT can constantly monitor vitals such as car battery health and charge, as well as predicted vehicle range. It can also check for battery life and execute over-the-air upgrades. The statistics can also be used by managers to assess the fleet’s energy and maintenance expenditures.

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